Have you thought about having a destination wedding at some exotic location, but didn’t know where to start? Planning a destination wedding is a fun experience. However, it can be a daunting task and the process can take anywhere from 9 months to over a year to plan.

We have created an easy to follow step- by- step plan that will help lay the foundation to get you started. Our destination wedding checklists and tips will help avoid any unexpected obstacles on your big day. This video is designed to be easy to use and to help you saving time and money.

Included in this video are 17 lessons, in which we discuss budget, wedding preparation, and traveling with groups. Also, as a bonus, you will learn how you can, in less than an hour, build a destination wedding website to communicate with family and guests. We are confident, this video can be applied to almost any destination-wedding scenario. Whether you have the money to spend on a destination wedding planner or not, our video is full of destination wedding ideas, tips, checklists and other information to make your special day a success. 

How to Plan a Destination Wedding 

Destination Wedding Planning

What is Included

Your Destination Wedding Guide!

Destination Wedding Planning Tips


~ C&C Destination Weddings ~

Our Video will help you plan the perfect destination wedding



  •      Budget Checklist


  •      Plan Process

  •      Planning for weather

  •      Hiring Vendors

Wedding Planner

  •      Finding a C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E planner

  •      Questions to ask

  •      Contracts


  •      Planning a reception

  •      Details to consider

Travel Agent

  •      Benefits

  •      Questions to ask


  •     Save the Dates

  •     Invites

  •     Suggested Sites​​

How to create a wedding website in less than an hour

  •      Website example

  •      Step by Step process to build website (no experience needed)     


  •      Step by Step preparation timeline

  •      The timeline we followed

  •      Sample wedding day itinerary

  •      Wedding & Travel Checklists

Important Documents

  •      Documents needed for marriage

  •      Documents needed for travel

  •      Insurance options



  •      Choosing where to go

  •      Al la carte vs All-Inclusive

Important Documents

  •      What you will need for planning

  •      Being prepared just in case

Home & Travel Safety